Sophiyivka Oil Extraction Plant


Non-refined sunflower oil, sunflower meal, sunflower husk pellets and sunflower phosphatide concentrate production- this is Sophiyivka Oil Extraction Plant, Private Enterprise Lux Oil. It all began with a small shop, where the oil was pressed on the outdated equipment. The beginning of a new century - the beginning of a new business - the beginning of a new life. The time goes fast. A lot has been done, and even more - ahead. Nowadays, the enterprise has all the necessary equipment, which provides a full cycle of production of sunflower oil on its own capacities and provides an opportunity for quality processing of sunflower seeds.

The plant includes:

Industrial-tecnological laboratory:

Modern equipment, highly professional team, advanced control methods lead to the production of stable high quality products.

Sophiyivka Oil Extraction Plant produces and sells the following products: